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RECOCARNO is developing into a viable organisation, well structured, with members and staff who have enthusiasm to learn and improve and external support to assist development. The foundations for long-term sustainability are present, in the economic, ecological, organisational and political dimensions. These will be managed to ensure the correct balance between the availability and consumption of resources, and short-term and long-term goals.


A vital part of this process is education. RECOCARNO has been proactive in offering training in sustainable agricultural practices to its members, highlighting the importance of diversification and soil conservation.
Demonstration areas have been set up to grow mixed crops for both food and year-round income. These include pineapples, yams and other crops in addition to coffee. At least five model gardens have been established in each of the six co-operatives. RECOCARNO is also participating in exchanges with organisations that have similar objectives in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.



RECOCARNO is helping the coffee producers to diversity: to grow other produce that will complement coffee cultivation. Such produce can help fertility as well as providing additional crops for domestic consumption as well as for sale and trading.

RECOCARNO would like to develop plans to pack and market citrus fruit on a commercial basis, and also to sell yams on a similar basis, possibly in partnership with another agency. In the meantime produce will be sold on the local market.