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Located in the Petit Bourg de Borgne area of the Nord Department, the Koperativ Avni Peyizan Boukan Michèl (Producer Cooperative of Boucan Michel) has 400 members. There is a washing station at Boucan Michel. Coffee is milled at the CACGAVA mills in Dondon (one of which is owned by CACGAVA and a more powerful electric mill owned by RECOCARNO).

Some facts and figures
Washing stations  
Drying patio area (m2)  
Fermentation basin (m3)  
Warehouse (m3)  
Electric de-pulping  
Manual de-pulping  
Electric hulling machine  
Production total (tonnes) 30
Export total (tonnes)  

KAPBM coffee is grown at heights between 400 and 1100 metres.

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