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The first farmer-owned exporter of
quality coffee in Haïti

RECOCARNO is the seau des Coopératives Caféières de la Région Nord (the Network of Northern Coffee-Growing Cooperatives).

The Network of High Quality
Small Coffee Farmers' Cooperatives
in North and North East Haïti.

RECOCARNO is a Union of 8 Cooperatives located in the North and North-East of Haïti, representing more than 5000 members who grow coffee on small-scale farms (ranging between 0.5 and 2 hectares). Coffee farming is labour intensive and usually involves the entire family. Processing the coffee until it is ready for export or domestic consumption is undertaken on a co-operative basis and the entire coffee life-cycle is actively managed by RECOCARNO in accordance with Fairtrade principles.

RECOCARNO is a learning organisation, constantly benefiting from previous experience, and this has resulted in sustainable growth in both the volume and quality of its organic, gourmet, and conventional coffee. There remains significant untapped potential, for coffee and also for cocoa production and there are some promising new areas, particularly if the condition of the roads can be improved. Very solid progress continues to be made despite the normal difficulties in this poorest nation in the western hemisphere and the crises brought about by the security situation and the the effects of tropical storms and hurricane such as Jeanne in September 2004.

RECOCARNO offers real, sustainable hopes for the future and you are warmly invited to contact RECOCARNO to discuss any interest, particularly as a potential buyer, donor or other partner organisation.

Without RECOCARNO, coffee farmers in North and North-East Haïti:

  • Would get a derisory return for their efforts and quality coffee.
  • Could not reach the world’s export markets directly.
  • Would have no access to the Fairtrade market.
  • Would not benefit from Fairtrade standards of:
    • Democracy, transparency and social equity;
    • Environmental protection and sustainability;
    • Quality.
  • Would not receive the training to develop their skills and capabilities.

    Without RECOCARNO, members’ families:

  • Would have poor access to education.
  • Would live in more impoverished communities.

    RECOCARNO has been a member of the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO) since 1997 and produces high-quality washed Arabica coffee principally for the Fairtrade markets of Europe and Japan, selling coffee directly to foreign buyers at the Fairtrade Premium price.

  • In 2003, our society used the Fairtrade premium to build 6 classrooms in the primary school “Frères Unis”, and a shelter in the primary school “Ste Famille”; a total of 900 pupils have benefited from these small projects- a member of KPKP society


    coffee beans, freshly roasted in the destination countrycoffee beans, freshly roasted in the destination country


    RECOCARNO activities include:

    Financial Viability


    Strengthening the Union of cooperatives to become financially viable and able to compete on an equitable world open market without the need for financial subsidies.



    Decentralisation to strengthen the individual cooperatives.

    Community activities


    Encouraging community activities.

    Education and training


    Education and training for members.