You are here: RECOCARNO Commodity Chain Hand-picking

After grading, the green coffee is sorted by hand, a very important part of the quality control process. A team of women handpick the best quality beans for export and remove over-fermented or unhulled ones.

At COSAHEC and CAFUMO, 90% of the handpickers are members. At CACGAVA, 80% are members. At CACGAVA and COSAHEC, the handpickers sit at tables. At CAFUMO, they sit on the floor but attention is being paid to the improvement of their conditions.

Once the coffee has been hand-picked, the exportable coffee is weighed and bulked. Handpickers are paid 1 gourde (US$ 0.025) per lb. of exportable coffee. The name of the handpickers, as well as the weight of exportable green coffee they handpick, is recorded daily in a logbook. Handpickers are paid every two weeks, and on average earn 40 g. (US$1.00) per day. Because the amount earned is linked to the amount of coffee sorted, the pickers are keen to be as productive as possible.

The next stage of processing is bulking of the milled, graded and handpicked green coffee.