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Fairtrade Mark
Fairtrade products carry the Fairtrade mark which denotes that that have been sourced in accordance with the ethical principles of trade with Third World countries defined by the Fairtrade Foundation. These impose conditions on both the producer organisations and the importers:

Fair and sustainable standards in the producer organisation:

- Small-scale farmers can participate in a democratic organisation.
- Plantation/factory workers can participate in trade union activities and have decent wages, housing, and health and safety standards.
- No child or forced labour.
- Programmes for environmental sustainability.

Fair terms and funding by importers:

- A price that covers the cost of production.
- A social ‘premium’ element within the price of the product to be used by the producers to improve their living and working conditions. (This is normally 5 US cents per pound but for certified organic coffee, there is an additional premium of 15 cents per pound. Producers use the premium to improve living and working conditions and, as in the case of RECOCARNO, part is usually paid to the co-operatives (for community projects) and part goes directly to the producers as bonuses at the end of the season. See an example).
- Advance payment to avoid small producer organisations falling into debt.
- Contracts that allow long term planning and sustainable production practices.


Fairtrade Premiums
End of season premiums have been distributed every year and generated a total of $172,391 (in 2002 ???).

Fairtrade Criteria
For an importer to become certified, it must:
  • Pay a minimum price to small farmers included in the International Fairtrade Coffee Register. ($1.26 a pound FOB for washed Arabica coffee, or $0.05 a pound above the world market price if it exceeds $1.26 a pound);
  • Pay an additional $0.15 per pound FOB premium to farmers for certified organic coffee;
  • Purchase beans from democratically organised small growers; Provide pre-harvest credit to growers; and
  • Agree to purchase on a long-term basis.

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Fairtrade Status
In 2000, RECOCARNO was awarded Fairtrade status following 2 successful visits by FLO representatives.

Fairtrade Standards
Click below for more comprehensive information about the Fairtrade Standards.
Proper economic prices should be fixed not at the lowest possible level, but at the level sufficient to provide producers with proper nutritional and other standards in the conditions in which they live… and it is in the interests of all producers alike that the price of a commodity should not be depressed below this level, and consumers are not entitled to expect that it should.
John Maynard Keynes, 1946