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The following quote from the Haiti Outreach - Pwoje Espwa (HOPE) website concerning the Borgne area, with which it is closely associated, illustrates the challenges faced by the people of the RECOCARNO area and the context for the work of the RECOCARNO network of coffee cooperatives:

Borgne is located on the northern coast of Haiti, 35 miles West of Cap Haitien a 2-hour ride in good weather. H.O.P.E. serves over 40,000 people in the town of Borgne and its seven rural districts. The lack of basic, functioning, infrastructures such as communication, sanitation, health care, water distribution, and transportation coupled with a very high rate of unemployment are the major causes of poverty in the region. Agriculture and fishing have traditionally been the sources of subsistence for people in the area. However, erosion, over-farming and over-fishing, as well as high population density have greatly reduced outputs. As a result, easily treated conditions such as malnutrition, malaria, tuberculosis, parasitic diseases are continuing problems and maternal and infant mortality rates are high. (Haiti Outreach - Pwoje Espwa - a Rochester, N.Y. (USA) charity.)
Some facts and figures
Total operating area hectares
Land higher than 700m hectares
% at higher than 700m  
Land between 400 and 700m hectares
% at higher than 400m %
Land lower than 400m hectares