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Address: 6 Rue de Café, Babiole, HT1113, Cap-Haïtien, Haïti (W. I.)


Telephone: (509) 553-5061 / (509) 431-5213

Point of contact for more information:
Barthelemy Louis Mary Léon, RECOCARNO Business Manager

Glossary and Terminology

Explanation of terms and abbreviations found within the website.
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  • Prizes and Awards to RECOCARNO and its people Abraham Shepherd Prize
    René Dumont Prize

    Text sources includes contributions by:
    - Barthelemy Léon
    - Monique Avoaka Vera-Cruz
    - Chris Newell
    - Marc Monsarrat
    - Thierry Akroman

    Public domain sources of information including Fairtrade

    Photographs courtesy of their subjects and:
    - Marc Monsarrat
    - Monique Avoaka Vera-Cruz